Ode to Dad

Father's Day
Dad and me saying goodbye in 1993 – when we moved out of state.

This morning I picked up a book and a book-marker fell out. It was one of the ones made my niece, Kelly, for my Dad’s memorial service last December.  There on the floor was a picture of my dad staring up at me, unexpectedly.

It occurs to me that this has probably been a contributing factor to my down feelings the last ten days.  Buying Father’s Day cards for other people’s dads is not the same as buying a special one for your own and spending time with him.  I miss him.

If you still have yours and if you are lucky enough to see him tomorrow, give him a hug and hold him tight.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Slow Down and Rest–That’s an Order!

I love what I do at Big Fat Soap, but being a sole proprietor is hard work. One of the reasons I choose to be self-employed is so that my work schedule can be flexible. What a great plan! You may be thinking . . . but reality is when you work from home and are Director of Everything, like me, you tend to work far more hours each day than a typical American employee – 7 days a week. Orders must be filled and shipped, supplies must be inventoried and stocked, marketing and sales tasks must be done, forecasting, reports, planning, follow-up with customers, and on and on it goes. It is truly never-ending. Add to the equation, the personality type who feels guilty sitting down to read a book or relax in the garden during day-time hours, and you have potential trouble.

A friend I’ve met recently—also an entrepreneur—gave me some valuable advice: You MUST take a day off. This is not negotiable. I’ve been replaying her words in my mind and I know that it is important, but I haven’t been able to heed her advice until . . .  one day I got the message. Continue reading