A Closer Look

Have you ever looked at a blueberry? I mean, really LOOKED at a blueberry up close before popping it in your mouth? I hadn’t either until I took this macro shot a few years ago. This close up view of a common fruit reminds me of a certain mega-businessman-turned-politician. After all, we don’t truly understand his motives or his actions, no matter how closely we examine them.

Almost everyone agrees it’s difficult to know for sure what Donald Trump’s thought processes are. What could he possibly be thinking (if he’s thinking at all) when he tweets threatening things about former presidents or warns the FBI Director that he better hope there are no tapes of conversations between them. These things are now considered permanent written records that can be used against him. Yet he continues.

The worst thing about this, from my perspective, is how his base followers continue to support his every action. They seem to so easily excuse his disgusting and immoral lying, bullying, name-calling, shoving world leaders, embarrassing and dangerous tweeting, and his unrestrained outrageous bragging. But things aren’t always as they seem. I wonder, do they truly support him or is the alternative simply too egregious to consider.

This week our president spent time in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for one of his ego-building rallies. Rah Rah, ME! It’s his favorite thing, campaigning. He’s good at it. It doesn’t move the country forward though, it only deepens the divide, something else he’s rather good at, and perhaps it is his goal.

I heard him say something at the rally indicating no matter how much they (they being anyone who disagrees with him) accuse him of wrong doing ‘we keep WINNING!’ He said with glee and the crowd cheered. ‘Like we won in Georgia,’ he said. But, dear Leader, you already won. It’s over. We now know (because you keep telling us) you are the smartest and healthiest man alive, know more than the Generals, so can we please get on with making America great again? As in, bringing people together, acting as though you are a man with heart (as you claim), particularly with a health care program that benefits the people and not just your wealthy cronies? Please?

Alas, things aren’t what they seem. Or are they? He’s a terrible liar. He contradicts himself time and again. But his supporters believe him. Or do they? Do you? Regardless of what news channel you choose to watch, when listening to him, do you believe him? Because I’ve tried. I wanted to trust the man leading my nation. He’s already proven himself and the onus is on him. He’s a fighter alright. Problem is, nobody really knows what he’s fighting for other than to bolster his ego and bank account.

I heard something this morning that rang true in my mind. Our president has harshly criticized and ostracized every possible group, foreign leader, the courts, intelligence agencies, the press, comedians, anyone who opposes him, etc. with one exception: Vladimir Puten/Russia. To that end he remains loyal.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Until we look a little closer.

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  1. Very well said Debbie….I am 100% behind you in your thinking~ I am enjoying your blog! Keep it up!

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