Exit, Stage Left

So much is happening moment to moment these days. It’s thrilling. It’s entertaining. It’s disturbing. Some people tell me they are able to push it all away, not watch the news (it’s all fake news anyway, if you believe it is), and carry on in complete denial, pretending that we do not have a very big problem on our patriotic hands. I am not one of those people. I truly believe it is my civic duty to not sit back quietly and pretend that very soon our president will learn and do better.

Yesterday the most disturbing thing happened yet as presidential cabinet members each took turns praising the president . . . on queue. As is always the case with Donald Trump, the timing of this is relevant to better understanding the purpose of his distraction efforts.

There has been much banter in the past few days regarding loyalty – Comey says Trump asked for his loyalty, Trump says he never said that. Others have come forth reporting that Trump asked for their loyalty too, in recent months. There does seem to be a theme for this president. More than anything else, Donald Trump needs praise from those around him and he consistently uses distraction in an attempt to keep attention off the fire over there.

This astounding display of affection from around the cabinet member table is yet another distraction. Today Jeff Sessions is being questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee about his Russia connections. Meanwhile, Trump attempts to get his reality TV style leadership ratings up by being showered with praise. Clearly this was scripted and staged (if not rehearsed) to prove that some have pledged their loyalty to the man who desperately needs it. We all know what happens when people do not pledge their loyalty. They get fired with no warning and find out by seeing it on the news.

What needs to happen is for this president to step aside, to exit stage left, and the sooner the better. Of course, this isn’t likely. He isn’t going down without an ugly fight.

In the meantime, these folks who are so thankful to serve the president (havethey forgotten where their paychecks come from?) and consider it a blessing to work beside him, should realize their praise will get them nothing. He’ll throw them under the bus without a second thought. Worse than that though, yesterday’s display of loyalty and lack of courage is on their permanent resumes. Walking right out of the room, exiting stage left, with their dignity in tact would have been a better option in the end.