Let’s Not Go Nuclear

The right to bear arms will not help us avoid a nuclear attack on our own land. We are experiencing precisely what many of us feared when Mr. Trump was elected president –  watching him bully his way through a crisis he created, quite possibly with one finger on the nuclear codes – or is he bluffing? Does it matter?

He truly believes the way to negotiate anything, including world peace, is to be a tough negotiator, to bully, threaten, lie and then walk away hoping your opponent agrees to your terms. As we all know threatening nuclear war is not subject to negotiation, however our president does not.

He talks tough alright. That’s one of the reasons he got elected as far as I can tell. Some people are drawn to the ‘tough persona.’ Too bad it’s nothing but a distraction. Again. He’s apparently reached his last straw knowing the Mueller investigation is closing in.

This man is a bully. Bullies are not tough. They are weak. Our president is nothing but a weak, frightened bully. The sad thing is, so is Kim Jong-un. Both act tough and adore the media attention and are horrible dictators without an ounce of concern for the people they serve.

White House spokespeople say we should take Trump seriously but not literally. Is that another way to say just ignore his crazy tweets and words? If we cannot take the president’s word literally then who is leading the country?

North Korea could be blown to smithereens. South Korea and parts of China along with it. I can picture it now. Trump blaming someone else for the mass killing. Perhaps he’ll blame Hillary Clinton or even the beautiful Melania. It’s always the wife’s fault – all the way back to the beginning, Adam pointed to the woman and Eve took the fall.

The right to bear arms will not save us. Freedom of speech won’t save us. The choice to not vaccinate our children won’t matter. Policies won’t matter. Putting coal workers back in the mines won’t matter. Russia meddling in our elections won’t matter. Healthcare won’t matter. And neither will tax breaks. If nuclear war breaks out on this planet, none of the things we care about will matter.

Some of my friends who support Trump as president have said things like, “The thought of Hillary being president makes me want to vomit.” “We need change.” “I couldn’t vote for her when I consider ‘policies,’ so I didn’t vote at all.” “God told me he put Trump in place.” “We need to pray for wisdom for the president.” Pray for wisdom? How about we pray that someone near him (with wisdom) will keep his finger off the nuclear trigger?

All of those things I heard still make my head spin. The complete lack of character this man has consistently shown directly to us with his own voice, makes all ‘reasons’ for having ever supported him null and void. The truth here is coming into focus this week as the tough guy tries to bully his way to success.

Fake news is shouted every time anything unflattering is published or reported. If we hear it straight from the president’s mouth or tweets, his supporters claim it should not be taken literally. Think about that.

The entire world knows the dangerous situation Americans have gotten into with this man at the helm. They watch in horror the daily chaos coming straight from the president’s mouth or tweets.

Nuclear war is not something to negotiate. Let’s not go nuclear on this one, okay?

Please let’s not go nuclear.

“Because we’re all in it together” has never been truer than it is today.