The Good Distraction

Distractions are sometimes a good thing unless those distractions are a ploy from the man in charge with a sole purpose of keeping the masses divided and angry.

Sometimes a furry distraction (like the orange tabby kitten who recently adopted us) is just a few feet away but we need a teeny reminder that these things bring us joy like no other. They love us and count on us for their well-being. Have you ever noticed how the act of caring for a pet or even a plant, can make us feel whole and satisfied? It’s better than sex, I tell you, and it lasts longer.

There’s also wine. But that’s another distraction story.

Here on Blue Coop Farm after I’ve fed and watered all the critters who live here with us I feel content. After I give the horses a bath (did you know horses get bathed?) they roll immediately in the sandy soil here in Michigan and I don’t even care because I know they are clean enough and happy.

The chickens follow me with their delightful run (have you ever seen a chicken run? It’s something to behold.) because they know I have special kitchen treats just for them.

Rika, the Border Collie, uses her paw to fold her blue Frisbee in half, just so, making it appear like large blue lips, and I’m certain she knows my laughter is a positive thing even though she cannot reciprocate. She and Rusty the kitty are learning what it means to be friends – if I can keep Rika from trying to tear the squeaker out of Rusty before he learns to protect himself. Pray. No seriously, pray.

These glorious distractions are what remind us that life is good no matter what is happening elsewhere. For me, it’s a reward for a lifetime of desiring this farm life. It is hard work and I cannot explain why the work is rewarding but I hope you can relate to the distractions and how lovely they can be.

You’ve got them in your life too. Yours may have names like ‘kids, grandchildren, listening to live music or making music and singing, photography, a garden, card games with friends, a good book or blog, a hobby or artistic passion, a favorite TV show or film.

At times like these when my head feels like it might explode because of the instability of our government and all the misinformation, distractions, and flat out lies, I turn to kittens and puppies (when I remember). I am fortunate to live in a beautiful rural setting where it is possible to breathe it all in and forget the world’s troubles for moments in time (when I remember). But you can too, no matter where you live. I hope you do. There’s no time like the present.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch (borrowed from Garrison Keillor).

2 thoughts on “The Good Distraction

  1. Oh Shirley, I must confess I had to google the meaning of Ashram: noun
    (especially in South Asia) a hermitage, monastic community, or other place of religious retreat.

    Wow, yes! That is how it feels and I am forever grateful for the time (however long it lasts) to have this ‘hermitage.’

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