Chicks and Lambs Live in Denial – So Should We

If the leader of the free world keeps repeating, “The enemy of the people is the media,” the goal can only be one thing — to convince the people to believe all news is fake news and believe only what he says. Unless of course the media reports flattering news about him, then it’s right on. But here’s the thing:Chicks Pix

The Chicks Don’t Care

We all know he lies blatantly and chronically, sometimes about the most ridiculous things. His form of ‘negotiating’ is to bully and create conspiracy theories about his ‘enemies.’ An enemy equates to anyone who disagrees with him or those who refuse to be bullied, or those who investigate and report facts. These facts can be something he said on camera or tweeted. The most dangerous thing about his lying is it feels normal and acceptable. We read reports that have tried to track the number of his lies and we aren’t surprised, because we all know he lies, but the chicks don’t care.

In the Beginning

Most of us knew we were headed for serious trouble as a country and as a people during the campaign and it hit home for me personally the day after the election. The immediate division, the clash began on November 9th, 2016 when I posted on Facebook my thoughts on Trump. I said I had no reason to respect the man and that perhaps if he’d begin to apologize to those he directly offended by name-calling during the election, I might begin to see some good in him. Back then I actually did hold out hope that he would act like a leader, that the responsibility he’d been granted would settle into his brain and he would try to serve all the people of our great nation. I honestly believed that could be possible. But something strange happened that day on Facebook.

I was called names by friends who I respected. Some of these friends were evangelical Christians. They told me I was unpatriotic. Some railed against Obama with disdain, saying all elections are like this. This happens, they said, when one party loses. Get over it, they said. It’s our turn to gloat now. I had no idea there was a political party war going on until Trump seemed to toss political correctness out the window. He even tossed moral and decent behavior out the window and lots of people were excited that it gave them permission to bully and insult anyone who disagreed.

Go to the Garden

This tongue-lashing shocked me so I went outside for some grounding. I couldn’t believe these good people could scream at me, immediately calling me LIBERAL, as though ‘liberal’ was a bad word. I’m still stunned by this experience. And of course the rest is history, as they say.

To limit the exhaustion, I reduced my Facebook friends list down from 2,400 to 450 that week because I realized I had much to say and wanted the freedom to voice my opinion without harsh rebuttal. GardenThat 450 became fewer and fewer as arguments ensued. The saddest part is many of those who are no longer connected to me on Facebook were family and old and dear friends.

Which brings me to denial.

In the beginning, I believed my voice should be heard. I thought, I will use rational critical thinking and we will respectfully debate and discuss with open minds, the matters at hand. Of course this was exhausting and I encountered more name-calling, so I would take a break. Weeks or months would pass and I would feel my voice rise up within me again. More futile exhaustion. The cycle continued.

Here we are. Trump and Kim Jong Un have shaken hands and the world is saved from nuclear devastation — now for the Nobel Peace Prize. Who will get it? Kim or Trump?. But on his way to Singapore he takes us into a full on trade war with our closest allies. Be careful, Mr. Trump, who you choose as allies. I’m saying NOTHING on social media. Instead I post daily images of livestock on our farm and pretty blooming things. I post happy things and try to ignore the screaming voice inside that so badly wants to explain how dangerous the man in charge is. Half FullDenial. It’s a beautiful thing and it has its purpose.

When it gets really bad I practice art and I quilt. I even dusted off my guitar. After reading four politically related non-fiction books (Madeleine Albright’s Fascism: A Warning, should be read by all, in my opinion), I’ve treated myself to a happy, light, goofy novel. I’m also gardening, because growing things and caring for a new flock of chicks and lambs brings joy to one’s heart. Because when the going gets tough, the savviest folks know what brings them pleasure and they focus on those things.

Call it denial, call it savvy, but whatever you call it, just do it to save your sanity. But while you’re doing it don’t ever lose sight of the fact that he lies and cannot be trusted. It’s okay because his days in the White House are numbered, no matter how you see it.Rika and Bunny This will end. History will show we survived a fascist as a leader, and we will heal from the brokenness and division.

No matter where you stand, remember, we are all in it together and peaceful existence is possible. Just ask Rika and the bunny, if you don’t believe me.