The Dandelion Knows

Do you have trouble letting go of things? Are you having trouble letting go of the insane political climate? Letting go of choices you made long ago? Do you remember something you wish you’d done differently or at least wonder, what if?

Dandelions totally get it. A perfectly adorable yellow flower turns into a seed pod that has no intention of holding on to those hundreds of seeds. It knows how to let go.

 I’m a horse person. But for a time I was a Harley Davidson person. I needed to ride my own rather than ride on the back with someone else. I could NOT let it go. I wondered why he chose to ride in that part of the lane. I wondered what was going on behind us. I wondered if he took that corner too sharp or too wide. I NEEDED to be in control of my own bike. So I did.

 I found this incredible white customized Soft Tail Deb's Bikeon eBay and my husband flew to Reno, Nevada to pick it up and ride it home for me. I LOVED that bike. I still love that bike and can’t quite let it go, even though I sold it in 2010. When I see pictures of it I almost tear up. It is absolutely THE most beautiful bike I’ve ever seen and certainly the most beautiful I’ve ever ridden.

 But if I owned it today I would not ride it. I’m afraid of motorcycles. They are dangerous. And so are horses, by the way, but they are a whole lot quieter (did you see those pipes on my beloved Harley?) It’s okay that I’m afraid of motorcycle riding these days. I like to think of it as a sign of maturity. But you and I both know it is actually simply fear that I should be able to let go of.

 I’m trying. But holding on is so natural for me.

 Praying is what Christians do to let go.

 Meditating is another option.

 Massage, healthy eating and exercise are other forms of letting go.

 I do all those things and yet it still seems like I can’t quite let go. I worry. I think about what if. What if I would have kept that beautiful bike?

  The dandelion knows. I think we should all look up to the mighty dandelion and learn how to give it up and LET IT GO! Precious, underappreciated dandelions.