Unmade Bed

Sometimes I don’t make the bed. I don’t see the point in making it pretty every darned day for literally no one to see. Many days I don’t even see it myself until I pull the covers down to climb back into it.

Man I miss this bedroom. It’s my old bedroom from my last house and it was spacious, soothing, quiet, with just the right amount of natural light coming in. I am reminded by this picture of many years where my hubby traveled and I slept alone in this big bed. Making it was simple – pull up the covers on my side and walk away.

These days our bed might look something like this. The sheets are being washed, the comforter is on the floor, and an item of clothing is tossed on the naked bed.unmade bed It’s nice to have hubby home every day, and this bedroom, although smaller, is still soothing, quiet, and peaceful. But that other bedroom . . .

We made some sacrifices when we opted to take action on moving to our farm dream. The house is smaller. We relinquished options that most take for granted, like broadband Internet, TV streaming, and basic conveniences, like shopping and restaurants.

A whole lot of people shook their heads in disbelief when we changed our lifestyle at this point in our lives. Most folks opt for an easier life with less yard work, not taking on livestock and acreage that needs mowing, and wood that needs splitting. We work hard every day no matter the weather extremes or our moods. And that is exactly what we enjoy most about this experience.

I expect there will come a day when the work will seem like too much but in the meantime we enjoy each day where we can be outside and live a life we’ve dreamed of.

But that unmade bed . . . reminds me of the saying: You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. I’ll be making the bed later today after the clean sheets are back on it. I may even toss a throw pillow on it, just for today. Because life is short, tomorrow is another day, and there’s work to be done.

You might be happy to know I’ve used intentional restraint to avoid making a political reference here about making one’s bed and lying in it. There is a fabulous jumping off point right there, but I think I’ll go make my bed now, instead, just for today.